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1. Sand casting
(1) Green sand casting
(2) Resin sand casting
(3) Shell moulding

2. Investment casting
(1) Chinese investment
(2) Japanese loss wax

Frequently used materials include carbon steel(GS45,GS52,GS60), alloy steel(16Mn,25Mn,34CrMo,42CrMo4) and stainless steel (CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M). Product limitation up to 80 kg and external dimension up to 700 mm. JIT delivery benefits a lot from CNC machined tooling also from automation on process like wax injection, tooling cooling, and shell making.
1) molding process: Chinese Loss wax investment casting/Japanese Loss Wax investment casting
2) Material: ----EN 10293 GE200/DIN1681 GS38
----EN 10293 GE240/DIN1681 GS45
----EN 10293 GE300/DIN1681 GS52
3) Molding: Hand made/wax(suspension) line
4) Possible Heat Treatment: Normalizing/Quenching Tempering/Solution/Passivation
5) Industry involved: Agricultural& Engineering& Automotive industry
6) Part Unit Weight range: Chinese loss wax from 0.01-100kgs,
Japanese loss wax from 0.001-80kgs.
7) Wall thickness requirements: Chinese loss wax min 1.5mm,wide/length max,800mm,
Japanese loss wax min.0.5mm, outside dia max. 1000*620*380
8) Representative Product: Lager Platte left, right/ Corner casting/Gears/Pipe fittings…..
9) Manufacturer certification: ISO9001 (2000) / TS16949

(3) Fast Forming/Rapid Prototyping/RP investment casting
Technique normally used on the condition of very narrow lead time for samples or project under Prototyping step, Since there is no need for moulding, then from general cost side, also economical

3. Centrifugal casting

Material available in stainless steel, Hi-Ni alloy and Hi-Cr alloy. Inspection includes UT/X-ray/PT/Eddy/dynamic balancing and Spectrometer for chemical composition. Boring and grinding machining services are optional upon request, the roughness for inner hole of N7 grade. Customized products include CF8M stainless steel pipe with OD700/L4500mm, and ethylene cracking furnace tube.
1) molding process: Centrifugal casting
2) Material: stainless steel/ heat resistant alloy steel/…
5) Industry involved: Fluid power industry
/Petro-chemical industry(Reforming furnace/ Cracking furnace /Fired heating system)
4) Part size range: Outside diameter max 1,000 mm
Length max 7,000 mm
Weight max 2.5tons/pc now
Wall thickness min 6mm/max 50mm
5) Representative Product: pipe…
6) Manufacturer certification: ISO9001 (2000)

4. Die casting

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